"Themes Pour la Rebellion"

By Octopi Mills

I remember giving favor in review to these fellows a few years back, and now we have another title to consider on this hot August day, which has turned to rain...

The album opens with a door to war and galloping forces, and one hears a warlike atmosphere in the delivery, and a flow that is atmospheric and flighty; This is much like the other release I reviewed but different in its overall concept and theme. They hold to this flow, giving the album a consistent, streaming feel throughout that almost has a rebellious, nationalistic kind of feel to my ears, though I could be wrong. As the governments of the world close in on their own people in ways I dare not even state, this sets the pace for a fight of the poor who have nothing left; the commoners who are tired and weary of the machine. Good black metal usually always shows reverence for nature, as in the old pagan spirit that is feral and rustic; wild and old...And there is then the latter, who make a lifestyle of degeneration and senseless hatred; misdirected and meandering, they take it out on all humans, and find a lifestyle of the flesh and decadence.

 This band seems to be of the former category, and they have made an album that is more dangerous and fiery, and one can picture streaming battle and melee attacks, whether of an old historical value or to be translated to the modern setting- they are always one and same. Guitars become aerial and with a classic, flighty air; much like old Scandinavian or European styles, while the thin soup of the leads  is not the mushy pottage one hears in some metal, but more lighter, and of the variety served in a battle camp...I personally find it to be more of my taste than many other styles, and one can hear the European sound in the melody of these leads as they meld with the wrath of the drums and the wild, wolf like vocals that head the songs. There is a fast, electrical feel in the music that makes the song titles and themes breathe better than most bands who simply pound things out these days. Though it is at times monotonous and not horribly original, the band have their identity, and this alone stands true enough in the plastic industry of the musician today and yesterday, and I cannot say anything against these agitators on this evening, but rather here something heroic and of value; something to perhaps wade into the war to with wooden fork and stone in muddy grounds of some village where might be found the last peninsula of freedom.