"Crepuscule d' Octobre"

by Octopi Mills

"Crépuscule d'Octobre" is the new album by Forteresse, who come by way of Canada. The first thing i notice is the sound, which has an old feeling overall, and not the clinical cleanliness that is known to destroy the good struggle of the bacterium in most all metal releases. Nor by the Intro and first track do we find the inane acrobatics and athleticism that challenges the spirit of this realm of music; and it is in the context of black metal territories in which we speak.

The third track opens up nicely, and the formula seems to form; guitars running in their pace of rhythm and whirling, streaming leads give the music an airy feel, and the vocals maintain their place as keepers of the balance, as do the timing of the
drums. All the instrumentation is mixed with a natural sort of balance, and this lends a credence to the music. The music compares to wind as it sweeps across the landscapes of my intellect, and moves through the surroundings, and in this sense it somehow is captured in the album cover art; this ideal of the natural and pictorial.

The aesthetics are found early in the album, and though there is a familiar relevance and flow throughout, it never really becomes boring or burdening.  "Spectres du solstice" has some interesting work in the swordsmanship of the strings, as they flicker and dance around the room and into the ear and brains. This particular song struck me moreso than the others; its smith work being admirable, and it is capped off by a good, calm storm, like the music itself can so be compared.

Overall, this is a traditional and humble album, that has some mood, and could perhaps, be compared to a seasonal, Canadian sort of Windir, though comparisons usually fall short. The music doesn't overstay it's welcome, and ends with another good song as the journey through open air calls the eight wands down from their flight to the earth again. I will conclude this review by saying it was a pleasure to fly with this music through such skies. Certainly a good collection of songs to have some good aerial tops with, or dark ales, amidst a crackling fireplace of metaphorical significances.