"Time Capsule"

Review by Sgt Deth

This is a very interesting CD to say the very least. There are many guest stars as I will outline below. It also kind of tells the story of Lita’s past. It starts out with guest star Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P) in an intro acting like her stepfather and portraying some of her distant past family life. Which actually sounds typical and believable for a metal maiden such as Lita Ford. This is all unreleased material that Lita has been saving over the years on cassette tape. It was recorded by her and other ‘80s metal stars in unofficial recording environments. She says they basically got together without recording executives breathing down their necks and partied hearty while they record this material. I can hear the fun coming out of this album.

“Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight” guest stars Jeff Scott Soto from Yngwie Malmsteen on duet vocals with Lita. The keyboards and vocals go so well together in that one. “Killing Kind” is very unique as it has backing vocals from my home town Cheap Trick and also has Dave Navarro on Mandolin. “War of the Angels” is a slow heartfelt song that is very well done and ends with some awesome guitar solos. 

“Rotten to the Core” features Gene Simmons on bass and Bruce Kulick helping out on guitar. That is my personal favorite track on this album and I can listen to it over and over. It really has that ’80s sleeze metal sound just like Kiss had in those days. This CD is a trip to the past and also has a good overall sound and production. I am so glad Lita dug up all those old tapes she recorded back in day and recorded her old ideas with a talented badass musicians today.