“25 Anos”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here’s a 25 year celebration for a band I never heard of until last night. Usually this bodes somewhat ill, but I now consider myself educated because Forca Macabra just blew my head right off my body.

This is a Brazillian band who have been lurking in the deepest depths of the underground since the early 90’s. Apparently most of their material were tapes, demos and poorly recorded vinyl of very limited distribution.  This compilation itself dates from 2011…it took this long for the band to release it! Talk about stubborn perseverance! The comp contains re-recorded versions of tunes from Forca Macabra’s entire history plus a couple of new songs and some covers of equally obscure South American bands.

Verdict? This thing rips ass like a red hot chainsaw! I don’t care what the production was like on their earlier material, but on “25 Anos”, it is perfect. Can you imagine a cross between Discharge, Hellhammer and early Sepultura? Pick this up and you won’t have to imagine it. This is exactly what F.M. sounds like. And if there’s one song I can point to as being their ultimate classic, it is “Sobreviver”. Christ on a pogo stick, what a MONSTER of a riff! Hellhammer, Discharge, Repulsion and Ratos de Porao all in one killer track. Elsewhere, everything else is brutal high speed thrash with punk tendencies…”Vida Agonizanda”, “Estupidos do Metal  Infernal” and “Os Quatros Cavaleiros” are just three of the other neck-breakers here. An odd diversion is the industrial noisescape “Psiconauta”, which is almost Throbbing Gristle material.

This is top notch stuff and it has me scratching my head trying to figure out why Forca Macabra never got a break. Is it too late for them now? I hope not!