"The Omega Wave"

By Solomon G

Another skull-crusher for long time Bay Area underground thrash-metal-all-stars, Forbidden kicks off with an almost elegiac pomp-and-circumstance hailing the return of scarred warriors to the arena, and then wastes zero time laying down the heaviest speed-thrash grooves in search of a victim (in this case the hypocritical rightwing nutjobs pulling the levers these days - right on!) Fobidden jams with precision economy - not a scrap of excess on this megaforce engine of metallic thrash -not a scrap, I tells ya! And something evil is afoot! Surprised? You shouldn't be, as the first warnings came years ago with "Forbidden Evil" and "Twisted Into Form"I, Solomon G, have always felt Forbidden is this huge, hulking metal bridge between the past, present and the future: a mobile beast that smelts alloys, which, in theory, cannot be fused - except through the power of alchemy; into parts, cogs, gears, armatures and heavily-bolted, vaulted panels of a Gigantor-like beast - who's power is in the hands of the entity known only as Forbidden! And this new album is here to tell ya it's true. Get hip or get hurt. Listening to "Omega Wave" is nearly a history lesson in all that is good about metal in the past three decades or so (gotta qualify some late-'70s-era American scene metal and NWOBHM that I hear, here and there), and if you're not careful, you might get caught by surprise bya real artistic statement wedged betwixt massively raging cuts of brutality; nothing heavy-handed or pretentious, but all the more loud 'n' clear for it. But don't be ascared - there's plenty of super shreddy goodness to keep your head on the bang and your righteous fists thrust sky high.

No surprise by this point in the review that ol' Sol likes this album a lot, but probably the thing I like most about it - and what has always earned Forbidden a lot of respect - is the obvious amount of thought that goes into the production and presentation. Just take a look at the album cover to see there's meaning in the metal. Go ahead - trip on it, hesher! Perhaps it's obvious, perhaps it's not, but it is ever-present in all stages and phases of this juggernaut we call Forbidden. OW is an album of intense insight and anger: it's an anger you know - even if you don't realize it's inside you. It is. Use it or lose it, brothers and sisters! This album clocks in at over an hour in length, but just when you think it might start to verge upon fatigue and get boring, it never does. Instead Forbidden's "Omega Wave" just gets even more intense. That is, if you are a true fan of metal. If not, I honestly have no idea what the fuck you'd would think.