By Dr. Abner Mality

Featuring vocalist Jon Davy from Job For A Cowboy and members of Animosity, Fleshwrought is going to be a new name to conjure with in extreme metal. This is one of those suckers that comes out of nowhere to hit you right between the eyes.

Technical death metal is the name of the game here and I actually would rate this above the recent Decrepit Birth in terms of aggression and adding unusual elements to the music. The mention of Job For A Cowboy probably scared away a lot of oldschoolers, but if you enjoy stuff like Pestilence, Atheist or Meshuggah, I see no reason why you wouldn't get into Fleshwrought. This is a record that can bridge the gap between modern deathcore and the more traditional forms of tech-death. It avoids the extreme excesses and weirdness of Brain Drill and Psyopus, but keeps you on your toes with a constant barrage of mathematically twisted death metal. At times, the sound is quite robotic and the drums definitely have a highly processed sound, but in a strange way, that benefits the material.

The dudes are not afraid to experiment here and there. Witnesses the smooth as silk saxophone solo delivered ontop of the bestial riff barrage of "Inner Thoughts", the jazz fusion touches on "Weeping Hallucinations" and "Dyslexic Interlude" or the flirtation with sheer grinding noise and industrial beats on "Final Nausea". At no point does any of this sound out of place and it's all weaved into ferocious hyperblast. Even the Acacia Strain style breakdown on "Self-Destructive Loathing" doesn't annoy. It all gets kind of exhausting, but that's understood when you dabble in this sub-genre.

Definitely one for fans of stuff like Decapitated, Abysmal Dawn, and JFAC.