"4: Rise of the Mosh Mongers"

By Dr. Abner Mality

It would be a real shame if this fun little record fell between the cracks, as I fear will be its fate. The "bandwagon" thrash revivalists are starting to drop like flies and that leaves bands that are seasoned and devoted to the cause like Sweden's F.K.U., who have been doing their brand of horror-drenched classic thrash since the 90's, when this style was about as popular as a Newtown parent at the NRA convention.

This is just a zippy, enjoyable record to mosh to. Excluding the pointless tedious intro and the equally superfluous "Uberslasher" mini-tunes, we are left with razor-sharp and pure death metal influences, no black or stoner metal touches and definitely nothing like 21st century metal. With the song "Black Hole Hell", I realized just how clever these guys are...what a cool vocal melody that really sticks in your head. That's the kind of thing the thrashers of old mastered and which so few "new wavers" have grasped. "Black Hole Hell" is the best cut, but songs like "112 Ocean Avenue" and the Slayerish blast of "Esox Lucius" also feature this mix of infectious riffing and pure aggression. The vocalist reminds me of none other than the Exalted Piledriver, with occasional Diamond-like screams and a touch of Sheepdog from Razor. A most interesting and refreshing sound.

I'll admit the horror movie stuff has been done to death, but at least F.K.U. has been at it longer than most. This album isn't what you would call a revelation, but it is for sure one of the best thrash albums of recent months. Get out there and support, moshaholics!