"Longing For Infection"

by Sgt Deth

I must start out by saying this is some of the sickest old school sounding sludge metal I have ever heard. It all starts out with the song "Too Many Devils and Drugs" which will prepare you for the rest of the album. First lyrics are “I am the acid king…” which I do not doubt after listening to this CD. The lyrics do not get any kinder as it goes right in to "Morgue Attendant", which is exactly what you think it may be about. There is a lot of audio sound clips thrown in here and there, and this track starts with some news clips talking about sexually assaulting corpses. There are a lot of sludgy and catchy hooks in that track and throughout. But all hooks are seasoned with some horrifying growls and increasingly sick as hell lyrics.

This release would have fit right in with the ’80-‘90s sludge metal scene. I am not a huge fan of sludge metal, but this is some of the best I have heard. The closest bands I can compare these guys to is American Head Charge or Dopestick. However, they do have some pretty long songs compared to other sludge metal songs. Such as eight and a half minute long "Smoke Acid Shoot Pills", which also reiterates their stance on drugs and has more sick ass lyrics. Then there is the final song "Detox" where I thought they would come clean, but no, the lyrics say “get me out of here, rotting in detox”. 

Sometimes it seems to just drone on to me, but this is expected for a true sludge metal CD. I am sure true sludge fans out there would adore this album, but it is just not for me. I would suggest it for those true die hard fans, but if you don’t like sludge in particular, don’t get this one.