By Dr. Abner Mality

I believe the band’s name translates to “Sons of Infernal Darkness” or some close approximation thereof.  Henceforth, they will be referred to as either Filii or FNI. This is yet another band that has been around for years that I’m only becoming acquainted with for the first time. And wow, they were NOT what I was expecting.

FNI is a black metal band in spirit, imagery and lyrics but their sound has absolutely nothing to do with the black metal that has risen from Scandinavia since the early 90’s. Expect no freezing treble-soaked raging here. Filii’s sound rather owes much more to pure heavy metal of the 80’s and lots of it. Listening to “Hostia” I was often reminded of names like Running Wild, Accept and even the early Ozzy albums, mixed with thrash. Listen to the rocking metal riff of “Virt…”, “Smrt…” and album ending “Raze…” and tell me you don’t find yourself wandering back to 85 or even earlier. But everything has a dark Satanic sheen to it. And the band deviates from formula in other important ways.

Be ready for crazy vocal shrieks in Portuguese throughout. Singer Belathauzer shrieks, snarls and jabbers with weird, animalistic tones completely unlike standard black metal rasps or “normal” metal singing. This will alienate many of you, but the guy sounds so utterly batshit that he gives FNI’s music a wild and dangerous tone. Even though I don’t understand word one of Portuguese, it’s obvious he’s invoking the Dark One frequently, especially on “Prece” and “Raze….” As for off the wall, the title track has a mid-paced repetitiveness to it that’s hypnotic and the song opens with what sounds like gospel singing.

This is a wacky one that is refreshingly different from anything else I’ve heard recently. I’m highly inspired to check out Osmose’s recent reissues of their past albums, of which there are many. This is warped metal from the dark side