"Birth Control"

By Lord Randall

New Jersey’s FIGHT AMP have a lot going for it, despite the bitch called Sandy that recently laid waste to their home state. After a handful of splits (one with the should-be-legendary BLACK TUSK), demos and 2 full-lengths in a 9-year period, the trio delivers Birth Control. More realized than debut Hungry For Nothing, all-out heavier than Manners And Praise, FIGHT AMP 2012 has once more proven my theory that it’s the third album from a band that truly shows you their potential. ‘Fly Trap’ fuses DEAD CHILD metal to the indie-musings of HELMET before they got all full of themselves, and the intro to ‘Creepy Kicks’ hangs in the air, menacing as an unoccupied noose before a snap-mare riff brings the song home, tribal without being trendy. There’s something hypnotic about the arrangement of ‘Should’ve Worn Black’, hearkening back to the glory days of QUICKSAND and a host of Am Rep bands without being able to pick it out of a police lineup, always a good thing in this style of music. ‘Shallow Grave’ packs a wallop, to be sure, but closer ‘I Am The Corpse’ gives it a run for its money, disjointed chordings and steamroller bass driving the final nail into this coffin.

Oh, yeah…you’re on the inside. Hear that dirt being shoveled in over you? That’s what you get for crossing FIGHT AMP.