FERUM “Vergence” 

VITRIOL “Pain Will Define Their Death”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Here are 2 new EPS from Everlasting Spew, a label which seems to be going from strength to strength when it comes to extreme metal.

First we have Ferum, a trio from Italy who make no secret of their love for filthy death/doom in the tradition of Cianide and Coffins. Two of the members are female, which brings back some memories of Mythic and Derketa. I love this type of metal when it’s done right and Ferum nail the sound here. Heaving death metal from the tomb! “Siege of Carnality” hits like a battering ram but second track “Perpetual Distrust” is the real decapitator, opening with a withering blast of raging distortion before hitting some sick groves. Vocalist/guitarist Samantha unearths some brutal vomiting growls and if there’s any doubt where Ferum’s allegiance lies, their perfect cover of Cianide’s “Funeral” eliminates all doubt. “Vergence” is a cyclopean slab of putrid death/doom!

Vitriol is a Portland based band that pursue a different kind of death metal. There’s no doomy moments on their EP but rather a total blitzkrieg of super-fast Hate Eternal/Malevolent Creation style American death metal. The sound is a bit drier and thinner than I would prefer, but Vitriol live up to their name and deliver a hate-drenched mega-velocity blow. The EP length helps maintain the edge because I think 40 minutes of death metal like this would get monotonous. Last track “Parting Of The Neck” is frankly amazing, a combination of classic American death metal and Norse black metal elements. It’s a total scorcher!

These two are well worth a look!