"Honey From The Lips of An Angel"

By Dr. Abner Mality

I expect a certain amount of crass stupidity from a band calling itself the Fat Dukes of Fuck...what I didn't expect was a tight, catchy hard rock album that comes across like a filthy minded Clutch. With song titles like "Sorry About  Your Dick", "Let My People Grow" and "Stand Back and Let That Fucker Dance", I thought this might some of kind of boring pornogrind or maybe goofcore punk. No chance. This is pretty groovy, even bluesy hard rock definitely along the lines of Clutch or The Company Band.

If you can overlook the retarded lyrical themes and obsession with the penis, "Honey From The Lips of an Angel" has the ability to rock you hard. "The Mighty Bulge" sets the table with a Clutch-y riff attack, roaring vocals and lyrics that would do The Mentors proud. Even better is "Sorry About Your Dick", which comes raging out of the Dukes' unzipped pants with a fiery slice of thrash that slows down into a real exhibition of tight hooks merging Sabbath, thrash and blues rock. The other outstanding track is "Cigarette", with very aggressive punk riffs and some slick melodies. Those two songs really define what the Dukes are capable of, but you may also enjoy the delirious "Prelude To the Greatest Night of Your Life", the very snide and blues-drenched "I Killed A Small Child". Cuts that aren't so impressive are the lumbering title track and the so-so "Oral Agenda".

I suspect the Fat Dukes of Fuck are a kind of humorous side project for better known musicians, but the result is better than expected. Your enjoyment of the album might depend on your tolerance of crude sexual nonsense, but no one can deny this fat fucker rocks the house.