"Eat Dog Eat"

 By Dark Starr

It's great to see Fast Eddie Clarke and the boys back in action after such a long layoff. The good news is that Fastway has stuck to their sound and delivered exactly what their fans expect. Hard edged bluesy rock really is the anthemic sound of the 1970s in a lot of ways. That, mixed with a bit more of a raw metal texture is what you’ll get on this disc. It’s classy and catchy and really rocks. You can hear a strong Led Zep vibe on cuts like "Deliver Me" and "Love I Need" while "Leave the Light On" has riffing in the AC/DC or Krokus vein. The band play closest to their roots with "Sick As A Dog", where the ghost of Clarke's former band Motorhead is clearly visible.

This is not quite heavy metal in some ways, but it’s also more metal than just rock. Whatever you call it, though, this is a strong CD and highly recommended.