By Colonel Angus

This one is a blast from the past.  I never really heard of Fargo before but when they disbanded, some of the members formed the group Victory.  The band did pretty good business around the world and even making some noise here in the states but they never achieved the same heights as fellow Germans, the Scorpions. While I enjoyed their albums, their self-titled and “Culture Killed the Native” were my favorites, I was moving towards more heavy and aggressive music by that point so they never received a lot of airplay on my turntable.  Well, 36 years after the last Fargo release, the band reforms and releases this new disk.  My first impression is the album sounds dated, not that it’s a bad thing but it sounds like it came out in the late 70s/early 80s.  This dated sound has its charms and I think Fargo manage to pull it off well.  Part of the reason is that the songs are catchy, full of melody, and bring elements of different genres to create a varied release.  I really enjoy the reggae of “Goddess of Destiny” and the funky riffing of “Leave It”.  Elsewhere, there are touches of Bob Dylan in “Cross to Bear” along with “Southern Breeze” that musically sounds like Tom Petty but with Mark Knopfler singing.  I really enjoy the variety on “Constellation” and even though there many different styles, they all seem to fit together on this record.

The band consist of Peter Knorn on bass with Peter Ludwig and Arndt Schulz on guitar; the former also taking on vocal duties.  Completing the band is drummer Nikolas Fritz.  For those of us in the states, these names probably won’t ring any bells but that doesn’t mean that Fargo should be ignored.  These guys put in a great performance throughout but the songs are what really shine here.  There are 12 tracks in total and each one deserves to be on “Constellation”.  These guys prove that no matter what shape the song takes (reggae, rock, funk), if the song is good and played with conviction, it works.  And “Constellation” works very well.