"Where Distant Spirits Remain"

by Octopi Mills

There are too many bands in this world, and I found this release made me feel terrible about the whole affair. The first thing that got me was the vocals, which were in a clean manner and melodic, though without any real power of the message they tried to convey, I felt. Of course there's some blending of this with some harsher type vocals, as one might expect and this leaves the listener feeling he has heard it somewhere before. There is a sadness here that isn't like the sadness you might think when using such words, and the same can be said of the sappy guitars which whine and are syrupy, leaving one feeling like he is coming down off some drug that was cooked up in some sterile lab.

One can almost get a feeling and flavor of the band Agalloch here in the wash of it all, though it would be when they were at their worst. It does hurt me to say such things, but this album hurt me as well, and has wasted time which may never be
recovered. And there are so many good bands out there which this label will never support- it is criminal, I tell you. So, if you want to hear sorrowful songs with "post-rock" or "folk" influences, try something else.