"World In Decay"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Canada's Fallen Angels are a bit different from most thrash acts that have popped up in recent years. The majority of retro-thrashers seem to be focused on either the "party/crossover" style or ripping Germanic thrash. These guys are none of the above. They play more technical and melodic thrash much in the vein of Forbidden, Powermad and early Testament. And they do it pretty well.

The tunes here are all pretty well laid out and complex. No minute and a half songs about pizza or booze. At every level, the musicianship is excellent. Special mention should be made of Carl Larsson's fluid bass playing, which adds a lot to the music. The only area where Fallen Angels could use some improvement is vocals. Brad Kennaugh's singing isn't bad, but it's rather on the bland side. Imagine a guy like Chuck Billy or Russ Anderson singing here and you can see the band pumped to another level.

Opening shot of "The Hammer's Blow" tells you what Fallen Angels is all about and sets the scene. Lots of screaming guitar duels are offered for your enjoyment..."Hour of the Time" has a real dandy duelling guitar section. Acoustic and twin guitar work adds melody.

One of the better technical thrash albums of 2015. A bit more originality and they will be a force to reckon with.