“Grotesque Miscreation"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Faceless Burial from Australia are a gnarly three piece who pretty much just plug in, hit the “record” switch and start oozing filthy and murky death metal. On first listen, one might be led to believe they are from Sweden or Finland, but no such luck. Obviously they take inspiration from the ancient masters of cadaverous death from those climes, which means they are swimming in pretty crowded waters these days.

There is a kind of clunky awkwardness to first proper track “Seeping Aberrational Fissures”. The riffing is oddly timed and a bit different than the usual Swedish DM worship. As the album wears on, this actually works in Faceless Burial’s favor and gives them a bit of a distinctive vibe. The songs are surprisingly short in duration, with no drawn out death/doom epics. It gives a touch of raw urgency to the proceedings.

I wouldn’t say this is the most overwhelming death metal experience I’ve had this year, but it really grows on you. It really does sound like old school DM fans just jamming for the hell of it with no big grandiose plans or ultra-cosmic bullshit. The last tune “Black Ovulation” is the only one of any considerable length and is  more memorable because of it. It also shows the guys can do doomier death when they choose to. A release most fans of rotten Finnish death will enjoy.