EVOCATION "Apocalyptic"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The Swedes just keep bringing the brutality. There's no let up in the onslaught of pure Swedish DM and Metal Blade brings us a couple of bands that have mastered the art of mayhem.

Facebreaker is not a strong enough name for the band. Facemelter, Faceripper, Facecrusher would all be better and more accurate. The zombie-obsessed madmen have come up with the strongest example of oldschool Stockholm-style death so far in 2010...a rampaging assault of putrid pulverization! I was real impressed with their previous effort "Dead, Rotten and Hungry" but that was just a warm-up for "Infected". Grave and Vomitory are the closest comparisons to make and actually "Infected" beats out even the last Grave album in terms of rotten riffing and gruesome growling. Not an easy thing to accomplish. Suffice it to say, if you love death metal that's morbid, skull-crushing but perversely catchy, you're gonna piss blood when you hear "Creeping Flesh", "Mankind Under Siege", "Bloodshed", et al. Better than similar recent output like Torture Division and Caliber 666.

Evocation could not possibly follow up Facebreaker for sheer destruction, but "Apocalyptic" is nothing to be ashamed of. These guys are working a different, slightly more melodic and composed territory than Facebreaker's sheer filth. Think of Dismember's more tuneful moments combined with At The Gates and you'll know what to expect. The songs are fast, full of stinging guitar work and typify melodic death metal where the "death" has not been glossed over or forgotten. My attention was not riveted to "Apocalyptic" the way it was for "Infected" but "Murder In Passion", "Parasites" and "Psychosis Warfare" are still top notch DM bridging that Swedish gap between Stockholm and Gothernburg.

This country just does not run out of steam when it comes to DM, it's in their blood!