"Dedicated To The Flesh"
By Dr. Abner Mality

Second-tier they may be, but Facebreaker still puts a lot of crunch and gore into their traditional Swedish death metal. That's half of the battle. These guys are so traditional it hurts, but if you are looking for grooving riffs with that patented sick Sunlight Studios sound, that's no problem.

The band could be more if they wanted to, but I doubt if they do. The whole "zombie flesh eater" lyrical trip bores me to fuckin' tears and I can hardly be bothered to pay any attention to it anymore. Song titles such as "Zombie Flesh Cult", "Mutilator" and "Carving for Brains" speak of little effort. But the gnarly, extra-crunchy sound of those same tunes will always get my attention. Facebreaker is not the fastest Swe-death band around but when they lay into the steady sonic gut munch of "Hellmaster" and "Tomb of the Hungry Dead", your body jerks in a conditioned mosh reflex. When they speed things up on "Nuclear Outbreak", you really take notice and the song becomes more devastating.

I preferred the previous Facebreaker album "Dead, Rotten and Hungry" to this one, but the gulf is not unfathomable. You can get zombie satisfaction from "Dedicated to the Flesh" but these guys are unlikely rise above this secondary level.