By Dr. Abner Mality

I am quite the horror fanatic but I’ve never been a big fan of slasher movies. To me, they spelled the end of true atmospheric horror. Despite that, there is sure a big nostalgia factor in looking at the avalanche of 80’s VHS video nasties. F.K.U. remembers. And they’ve used that slasher nostalgia to fuel another pile-driving thrash metal megattack! 

“1981” was considered the year of the slasher and here the maniac Swedes pay tribute by devoting every song on this disc to a gnarly horror classic released in that year. Just like their last album “4: Rise of the Mosh Mongers”, “1981” blasts like hell! These guys understand what made oldschool thrash work and they don’t deviate it from it. Only “The Funhouse” slows things down to a mid-paced chug. The rest of the songs cut loose like a masked maniac fresh out of the loony bin. Great riff selection and perfect production direct the knife right to your vitals. I especially like Larry Lethal’s vocals. High pitched and snarly, but very understandable and with an actual touch of melody!

Hard to pick a favorite because this all thrashes hard, but I’d choose “Friday the 13th Part 2”, “House by the Cemetery” and “The Beyond” as the ones that ignited the most furious desire to headbang in me. There’s also a strong cover of Death’s “Evil Dead”.

Let these bloodstained maniacs transport you back to the glory days of senseless bloody murder!