By Lord Randall

There’s no shame. I’ll admit that when bands reform (read: not reform, but reform), I’m often first in line with a cue ball in a sock, ready to whoop ass for the band seeking to relive past glories. Sometimes it works, yes, but most times it doesn’t, and what really sets my sock to swingin’ is when the band has the unmitigated gall to release something sub-par and call it “a return to form” or – Goat forbid – a new classic.

Thankfully Mike IX Williams and the boys of EYEHATEGOD have spent their time since 2005’s "Preaching The Endtime Message" compilation honing their already-sharp craft to a razored edge. Bands who have come and gone since the Nawlins boys’ last proper full length (2000’s "Confederacy Of Ruined Lives") have studied, been influenced by, and in some cases damn near plagiarized their sound, but has any of it been this filled with vitriol and fist-in-the-air resolution of triumph not over, but in failure? I dare say, no. There’s no point in going song by song, as you know what you’re getting with EYEHATEGOD, and if you don’t already, let’s face it, you haven’t read this far. Ghosts of OUTLAW ORDER seep in from time to time, recalling the Bower-less – though far from powerless – days of "Dragging Down The Enforcer". Elsewhere,  Bukowski-esque musings/rantings stab viscerally through the scathing mix, puking up swamp water and burning tires until the whole album floats, dead and stinking down the Mississippi of your aural canals.

No, EYEHATEGOD never “broke up” in the technical sense. Still, Eyehategod stands as a putrid anthem to why they will never reform. Fucked for life, and proud...