"Death Sentence"

by El Chief

The debut album from England's Exxxekutioner ("Death Sentence") sounds precisely like a mash-up of more established artists cobbled into one brisk eight song, 24-minute disc.

The opening song "Desekrator" (what is with the alternate spellings?) could've been picked out of the recycle bin of abandoned ideas from Goatwhore. The vocal style is just like a low-rent Louis Benjamin Faulgoust II, which is definitely a compliment given that Faulgoust is one of my favorite extreme metal vocalists.

The title track opens painfully close to the beginning bars of Black Sabbath's eponymous song before it picks up just enough speed to evoke Arch Enemy, if the Swedish melodeath pioneers were playing half-heartedly, and I can't decide if the follower "Blood Venegance" belongs as a b-side throwaway from either Megadeth or Iron Maiden (pre-Bruce Dickinson).

It's as if Exxxekutioner was evoking those "and-the-kitchen-sink-too" K-tel compilation albums from yesteryear. If you're careful enough, you might find "Death Sentence" gathering the same dust in a mom-and-pop record store somewhere near you.