"The Raging Tides"

 by Sgt Deth

I will begin by saying that I can play this CD over and over again and am never bored with it. Every song is a gem and I thoroughly enjoy spinning it all the way through. If you like old 80s or 90s speed or power metal, this one will surely please your ears. I always hate to compare bands, but you can tell they have many influences. I can hear influence from Forbidden, Violence, Exodus, Slayer, Overkill, and Venom and even with the ferocity of Laaz Rockit mixed in. These Germans obviously know what they are doing, this is some of the most memorable and playable new thrash metal I have heard in years.

This CD includes two bonus tracks, “Forever My Queen” from Pentagram, and “Hostage to Heaven”, from Grip inc . They are amazing reproductions and really slam hard. This entire album will slam your speakers hard and will make you want to get up and mosh and break stuff. “Catatonic”, reminds me so much of old Forbidden with its sliding riffs and awesome guitar work. Track 8, “There Will Always Be Blood”, brings out their blistering fast Exodus influences. Then on to “Dark Reflections” which definitely sounds like old school Slayer.

This is still a very original CD, with great lyrics and some of the best musicianship I have ever heard in this genre. Seems they have taken what is best in thrash metal history and ran with it. I will be looking for these guys on tour and we all need to keep supporting great talent like this.