“Extreme Noise Terror”

by Thor

The U.K.’s pioneers of crust punk Extreme Noise Terror returns with a self-titled album of grinding chaotic crust—their first full-length in seven years.

This album is quintessential ENT.  It’s comprised of 13 relentless tracks extolling the punk ethos, pissing on fascist politics, and generally just fist-fucking the system.  It’s also dedicated to the band’s former vocalist Phil Vane who died in his sleep in 2011.

Musically, the album is pretty straight forward.  Grinding guitars buzz over the top of traditional blast beats that are essentially sped-up d-beat/skank beats while the dual-vocal assault of Dean Jones and Ben McCrow barks out guttural piss ‘n vinegar.  To those of you who aren’t into grind, this album will frankly sound like one, long song.  It’s loud, it’s dissonant, and it’s fast; thus, it’s traditional, but they do what they do very well.

Extreme Noise Terror doesn’t reinvent the wheel here by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, it’s one of the wheeliest wheels to come down the pike in a while.  It’s a punkier version of early Napalm Death, Terrorizer, Repulsion, and Brutal Truth.  It’s a pure strain of old-school crusty grind and if that’s your thing, go get this album…NOW!  You’ll won’t regret it.