EXPULSION “Nightmare Future” 

SLOW DEATH “Hate-Filled World”

By Dr. Abner Mality

These two releases have a few things in common. Both are extremely fast and angry, both are composed of members of other bands and each release is an EP even though the press release tries to make you think they are full length albums. Expulsion’s total length is 13 minutes, 20 seconds while Slow Death clocks in at a colossal 18 minutes. Full length albums? Who are you trying to kid? Anybody who pays full album price for these should walk around with a big SUCKER sticker on their forehead.

Now to the releases themselves. Expulsion is something of a grindcore supergroup,  They feature Matt Olivo of Repulsion, Matt Harvey of Exhumed and Gruesome, Danny Walker of Intronaut and Phobia and Menno Verbaten from Lightning Swords of Death. Should be amazing, right? Actually, I was kind of disappointed. Not in a major way, because the runes on “Nightmare Future” are very much in the vein of Repulsion, but because the songs sound like they were bashed out quickly without a lot of work. Yes, it’s like Repulsion, but not as good. Basically, I get the impression that Expulsion is a one off project to blow off steam and make a little cash. I don’t get the feeling that it is in the more ambitious vein of Harvey’s Death tribute act Gruesome.

Slow Death is a band put together by Randy Larsen from the noise rock legends Cable and featuring members of Disappearer. You wouldn’t think it would be more intense and brutal than Expulsion, but it is. Opening cut “Daggers of Hate” is a brutal punch to the jaw combining violent grind with some dirty noise rock tendencies. The production is a lot fuller and more in your face than Expulsion, too. With song titles like “Hungry Rats”, “Three on A Meathook” and “Suicide Man”, Slow Death have got some serious anger issues they work out through their music. It’s a more modern kind of grind and should appeal to fans of Pig Destroyer and the like. Too bad it’s not a little bit longer!