“The Sound of Steel”

by Dr. Abner Mality

Exmortus returns with more super shredding speed metal and Conan-style lyrics. These buggers are nothing if not persistent. They keep plugging away with dogged regularity….an admirable trait. I’m sorry to say that they continue to bore me for the most part and if you’ve heard one Exmortus record, you’ve heard them all.

Something about this band just doesn’t click with me, even though I ought to be a fan. The songs just don’t leave a mark and they tend to run together quite a bit. Think of a less brutal Skeletonwitch armed with a guitarist who worships Yngwie morning, noon and night.  If you love neoclassical guitar shredding, you will get more than your fill with Exmortus. Guitarist “Conan” Gonzalez is an amazing axeman, no doubt, and he never lets an opportunity to prove it pass by. Each Exmortus tune is full to the brim with sweeps and arpeggios. But not an awful lot in the way of memorable riffs. This type of songwriting just does not linger. I have trouble thinking of riffs and melodies that attach themselves to song titles…never a good sign.

Bottom line: Exmortus has speed and talent to spare, but still bores me. I fear they will never get past this level.