“Twisted Horror”

By Theron Moore

“Twisted Horror” offers three new songs by everyone’s favorite grave robbers, EXHUMED, and two new songs by their necrotic partners in crime, GRUESOME.  In case you didn’t know, EXHUMED’s singer / guitarist Matt Harvey pulls double duty with both bands as well.  If you’re a fan of EXHUMED, you’ll dig these new tracks – “Rot Your Brain,” Buried To Die,” and “Dead, Deader, Deadest.”  

The upside is that the band sounds tight, heavy, and brutal as always, but the downside is that EXHUMED have become something of the AC/DC of death metal, churning out formulaic and predictable music both from a sonic standpoint and lyrically as well.  

As I stated before, the songs on this EP sound good, hell – they kick ass, and they certainly check all the requisite boxes in terms of heaviness, aggression and undead fervor, but creatively the boys bring nothing unique to the table here.  

I do think if you’re a sixteen-year-old kid discovering this metal genre for the first time then your introduction to EXHUMED on this split EP will probably be a very good one but for the rest of us, we’ve heard it before.  

The star of this EP is GRUESOME, who absolutely slay it with their two songs, “A Mind Decayed,” and “Led Into The Dark.” Not to throw a dig at Matt & EXHUMED, but I’d much rather listen to a GRUESOME EP or full-length record than a split between these two bands. 

From a musical standpoint, “A Mind Decayed” is pure, mosh-pit-frenzy with its changing tempos and double bass attack while “Led Into The Dark” perfectly captures the spirit of Chuck Schuldiner and DEATH during their “Leprosy” period. If the band’s intent was to leave me wanting more, they succeeded.  “Twisted Horror” drops June 5th via Relapse Records and I definitely recommend picking this disc up especially if you’re a GRUESOME fan like myself.