"Depopulate" EP

By Dr. Abner Mality

Pretty soon we'll be getting so much Covid-related content in metal that it will be more sickening than the disease itself. Here's one of the first courtesy of the eccentric and unpredictable Mr. Fog aka James Fogerty...the guiding light behind EWIGKEIT. I've had a liking for his unorthodox music since the late 90.s. When it comes to "Depopulate", I find myself split into two opposing points of view.

I don't have all the lyrics but it seems pretty obvious this EP takes the conspiracy monger's point of view of Covid. I see there's a song called "Plandemic", named after the idiotic and easily dismissed bullshit video that popped up in the early days of the pandemic only to disappear quickly once its numerous faults were laid bare. I've had good friends and acquaintances laid low by Covid. The amount of idiocy and paranoia surrounding vaccination often makes me ashamed to be alive and if Mr. Fog is taking the same side as the video makers, I've lost respect for him. Not that there aren't important issues and areas of concern, but keeping sick people from the means to better health is an evil and dangerous thing.

That covers the subject matter. The music? It's quite a surprise compared to more recent EWIGKEIT material, because it is much heavier and more aggressive, though still with its unique quirks. A combination of melodic death metal and black metal with harsh vocals would be the best description. There's a good flow to all songs, starting with "Patent of Death", which alternates between fast melo-death and a crunchier, more measured approach. The production is excellent. "Plandemic" has an odd lurching feel to the riffing which is unique and memorable. "Biosafety Level 4" and the title track continue the faintly blackened approach and the EP ends with "The Great Reset" which close to latter day CARCASS.

Musically a strong effort from EWIGKEIT. Conceptually, I am far from convinced.