“Feed Me Violence”

By El Chief

Sometimes you just want to rock. Forget about all the ridiculous demands from bosses, family and friends and just let go. That’s where Evil Invaders come in. The thrash metal band hailing from the Netherlands is back with their second album, “Feed Me Violence.”

What you get are nine songs that actually rip. Think early-era Metallica mixed with vocal stylings from Overkill. In fact, the third track on the disc “Suspended Reanimation” is precisely the kind of H.P. Lovecraft horror tale Metallica used to do before James Hetfield turned the records into full-length therapy sessions. Not that I have anything against self-discovery mind you, it’s just that getting in touch with your ID is not what drives most into the mosh pit.

This also isn’t a novelty act. It could be, but Evil Invaders shred through the hooks and riffs with such sure-fingered intensity that the bangers come across as legitimate love for the craft instead of the knowing wink-and-nod favored by the likes of The Darkness. These guys know they’re playing something kids don’t touch anymore, but they give no shits. Not as long as there’s another tasty solo and pulsating double bass to slam through.

No word if Evil Invaders will be bringing their love for thrash to the States, but if they do, and if you’re dying for something more than just the Big Four, then don’t wait to check them out live.