"Glorious Collision"

By Colonel Angus

 I have been an Evergrey fan since a friend of mine gave me In Search Of Truth.  When talking to other fans, they basically hold up that release as Evergrey’s Operation: Mindcrime.  That record does hold a special place in my lists of all time great records but I have to admit, I have liked all the material this band has offered up.  A lot of people complained when they released Monday Morning Apocalypse saying that they lost their prog edge and while it did contain less of the prog elements, I thought the songs themselves were still heavy and catchy.  Evergrey’s ability to produce heavy and catchy riffs is really their “ace up their sleeve”.  From their first record to Glorious Collision, they have always put out some heavy material that did not sacrifice melody one bit.

 For fans who did not really like Monday Morning Apocalypse or 2008’s Torn, I think Glorious Collision may win you back (but not fully).  The material, to my ears, incorporated the best elements of both the older Evergrey and newer Evergrey.  There are some tracks like :Frozen” and “Restoring The Loss” that could have come from the In Search Of Truth time period while “To Fit The Mold” and “Out Of Reach” have more of a newer Evergrey feel to them.  Other tracks like “Free” and “The Phantom Letters” have a very epic sound that Evergrey do incredibly well.  They manage to make sure the music sounds powerful and not cheesy.  This release is solid throughout and even the last track “…And The Distance” doesn’t disappoint.

 I was a little worried that Evergrey’s sound would be altered a lot because Tom Englund and Rikard Zander are the only 2 members left from the last disk but I shouldn’t have worried.  Let’s face it, Englund has been the only constant throughout so I guess the sound is pretty much his.  The new members fit in quite well and you won’t be missing any of the older crew.  SPV/Steamhammer have a very impressive roster and Evergrey is right up there at the top.  I would not be surprised if Glorious Collision were in my top 10 albums of 2011.  This is a great release and I recommend that you go out and purchase it.  My hope is that they get the recognition they deserve on this side of the Atlantic so that they could tour here more often.