"Older Terrors"

By Annabel Lee
The description I was given of Esben and the Witch prior to my listening to Older Terrors was short and sweet.  I tend to have expectations going into most new music , but this was something far more different and special.

It would be impossible for me to attempt to review this album based on individual songs.  There is such a solid progression between tracks that creates an entire album that feels complete; one song fits perfectly with the next.  

Rachel Davies’ vocals are beautiful and ethereal.  Her voice is perfectly fit for the backdrop of music, which is a mix of elements reminding me of such acts as Circle Takes The Square, Summoning, 40 Watt Sun, or even Die Verbannten Kinder Evas.  What happens on this album is a full experience, and I’m certain it will differ from listener to listener.  Upon my first run-through, I was picturing everything from 1800s Victorian England to the ocean to some of my favorite artistic horror films.  

I can honestly say that I have not heard something that grabbed me so immediately like Esben and the Witch has.   This release is not easily comparable and stands on its own as something otherworldly and haunting.  I can’t say that this is for everyone but it is one hundred percent phenomenal if you can find beauty in darkness.  *****