“Cloaks of Oblivion”

By Dr. Abner Mality

If you love the style of thrash performed by Testament, Heathen and Forbidden, you need to check out this band from Slovenia. They do a masterful and sometimes astonishing job of playing hard charging thrash with a lot of melody and true metal feeling. Original it is not, but when going at full gallop, these guys are just as good as their inspirations!

Adding some spice to the mix are the excellent female vocals of Klemen Kalin. She’s got a huskiness and warmth to her singing that the Goth metal divas sorely lack and her lung power is in no way lacking. Listen to the glass-busting scream at the beginning of “Drones”.  Speaking of “Drones”, this is not just the best song on the album but among the best I have heard in any genre this year. This comes blasting out with blazing thrash and great guitar melodies…thrash with class! Almost as good are “The Yearning” and “Seven Archons”, which really sounds so much like prime Heathen that only the vocals give it away.

Those three songs are the aces in the deck, but this hand is pretty strong no matter which card you pick here. “Reborn Into Demise” has more of the chunky galloping feel while “This Barren Existence” and “The Prophet” are both on the epic side and have a ton of cool time changes. The lyrics seem to be very intelligent and I can’t detect any accent in Klemen’s singing. I will grant you that at times Eruption sounds so close to Testament or Heathen that it’s creepy, but the execution here is just so strong.

One of the most surprising records I’ve heard this year!