"Fire Meets Ice"

By Octopi Mills

Ereb Altor have sworn an oath to the "epic era" of Bathory in their hearts, I have been told by men of promotional proficiency who write of such things. This comes through in the album early on, with the vocals and guitars taking such a shape as to tell this tale on it's own, and before long there is acoustic overlay involved and big hollering, as if a bearded man were making himself vocal over a icy lake. The sorrows of doom metal bleed forth in the songs, making it more than just an all out Bathory worship reprisal, for instance, and there are other such traces of styles found here and there.

Somewhere along the way I am reminded of what I dislike about some melodic things in Swedish metal as an overall dressing of sandwich, and this is just a matter of taste in dish rather than anything sacrilegious. I think this lies somewhere in the flavor of certain contrasts that become real, and I read this studiously as a matter, though i am finding that hot dogs and pizzas are a fast food favorite since the 1960s. This tells me something of the Swedish  metal that now makes more sense, but it would be offensive to get into this at the current time, and somewhat out of order. I am covered in the brown sauce of such a cultural banality as I become even more easily bored during the listen and I am told that some of the Swedish cuisine is rooted in Sami culture. This makes a long and subtle conspiracy make more sense, though it hinges on madness. And the madness will not subside as I plumb deeper and discover the tastes of Lingoberry jam alongside that of animal meats, all in a listen, though this music does not suffer from this so much as other things i have dared to notice.

The riffs are big and hulking giants that put me into a glucose sleep and fill one up with the heartiness of the overall affair. Did I hear a Bathory cover in "My Ravens"? I don't know at all, as I was reading about how Swedes make dumplings out of blood and I compare it somehow to the music in my maddened state of illness. The band blends and transitions well with the different styles, and on a better day I might have enjoyed them more...though i cannot be sure of that statement. There is some nice acoustic work going on that is short lived, and vocals are Scandinavian and growling. I somehow wonder if i would like it better if it were on a magnetic tape deck or at a live setting, but these things are not the way of the world for one such as myself at this time or ever.  An icy, clear feel is apparent in the music, that old crystalline blue found in the country itself. If you enjoy epic Bathory and doom with melodic moments, this might appeal to you.