"The Holographic Principal"

by Sgt Deth

This Dutch band has been around for almost 14 years and this is their 7th full studio release. Remembering their past work, I would say this is their heaviest sounding album to date. As their name suggests, this is some extremely epic sounding metal. Sometimes a little over the top for me. Let’s just say I need to be in a certain mood to be able to appreciate this epic symphonic metal genre, and this new Epica really requires an extreme certain mood. There are heavy guitar riffs throughout, which makes this bearable for me to listen to. And certainly there is a lot of talent here. You will hear a huge contrast between Simone Simons’ opera-like vocals and guitarist Mark Jansen’s evil growls. Though sometimes I find myself getting bored with the long winded solos by Simone, such as in the track “Once Upon A Nightmare”.

There are some intense choir intros to the songs, such as in “Eidola”, “Beyond the Matrix”, “The Cosmic Algorithim”, and the 11 minute long title track. I think the choir is much more polished this time around and sound very powerful. The lyrics pick up where their last album, “The Quantum Enigma” left off. It is very deep thinking about what reality really is. This album is a must for any symphonic metal fan. I can even see some regular power metal fans liking it too. In any case, there is tons of talent behind this music and the overall sound is very well produced.