"Zombie Hunters, Inc."
By Theron Moore

Marry Anthrax and Slayer and give that band a Pantera groove and you have Houston TX sons, Epic.  "Zombie Hunters, Inc." is 11 songs of pit inspired, thrash worthiness.  Here's a little something from their song "Zombie Hunter" -- " comes the dead, chop off their heads!"  How do you not go wrong with lyrics like that backed up by a wall of metal sound?  The answer is you don't and that's why Epic needs to be talked about.

There's not one bum song on this record; it just stomps and moshes it's way from beginning to end throwing elbows to the head and ribs with songs like "Kiss my Fist," "The Chosen One," "Zombie Hunter" and the Evil Dead inspired "Army of the Dead.

The musicianship is tight and crisp, on mark with an emphasis on shredding and powerful guitar riffs as opposed to the double bass thing a lot of today's bands do to cover up gaps in their sound, which Epic doesn't have to do.  This is guitar driven rock N roll that Mustaine, Ian and Dimebag would be approve of.  Discover "Zombie Hunters, Inc." and prepare to be blown away!