“Malformed Conscience”

By Dr. Abner Mality

Raw and basic crossover thrash here to satisfy your appetite for the same. I wouldn’t put these guys on the same level as Iron Reagan or Municipal Waste but they would sure be a hell of an opener for those bands and I bet they slay live.

As with most bands on the Horror Pain Gore Death roster, their production is crude and low budget. In this case, however, it doesn’t hurt the band because that kind of production is what suits them best.  Jens Bogren would kill these guys! Most of the tunes are rapid blasts combining catchy “skank”  riffs with all-out D.R.I. style speed.  “Rotting In Plain Sight” and “Stewing In Misery” are good examples of this. The vocalist has the kind of breathless babble that used to be heard with Adrenaline O.D. and the like. The key to this kind of music is this: songs under two minutes are more straight punk , songs over three minutes are thrash. Although the vocals are a constant chatter.

Nothing outstanding with Epi-Demic but you can sure put “Malformed Conscience” in if you need a quick fix of rough crossover.