"Clown’s Lounge"

By Theron Moore

If you’re expecting me to trash this record you’re way off the mark.  I liked it.  In fact I like it a lot.  As far as 80’s commercial / mainstream heavy metal goes, this is killer.  “Clowns Lounge” is an album of mostly re-worked demos and unreleased tracks dating back to recording sessions that were done in 1988-1989.  And I have to wonder why the band didn’t do more with these songs, they’re great.  They really showcase what Enuff Z’Nuff is known for – melding hard rock with a Beatles meets Cheap Trick kinda sound.  Catchy, lots of hooks and Z’Nuff’s trademark dreamy, quasi psychedelic vibe riding through each tune.

Out of twelve songs on the record, eight of them stand out, meaning, they stick in your head, they’re good, you can listen to them over and over which I have.  Rarely do I listen to an entire record all the way through.  As soon as I hear a clunker I skip ahead.  With “Clown’s Lounge,” I listened start to finish.  Like I said, though, eight songs came alive for me –

"Back In Time"
"She Makes It Harder"
"Rockabye Dreamland"
"Round and Round"
"Backstreet Kids" 
"One More Hit"

There’s nothing ground breaking here, but there doesn’t have to be.  The songs just have to sound good and stick with you and these do.  If you dig good 80’s metal, “Clowns Lounge” won’t disappoint.  It hits the mark.  Dead on. (Historical note from Dr. Mality---"Clown's Lounge" was the name of a notorious strip bar in Delavan, WI that had to be closed by the Feds when it was discovered local cops were using it to run a sometimes underage prostitution business!)