"The Tomb Awaits"

By Dr. Abner Mality

Even a 100%  die hard Swedish death metal fanatic such as myself has a limit on how much flesh-ripping chainsaw riffing he can stand before numbness starts to set in. With Entrails, my limit has been reached. There's no doubt these guys are sincere in their desire to recreate the frenzy of Stockholm death metal circa 1990, but 2011 has provided so many great records in this vein that "The Tomb Awaits" just doesn't have the impact it should.

This sucker ticks the boxes for every single necessary cliche...gloomy Seagrave-like cover art, raw down-tuned riffing, a vocalist who sounds like Matti Karki's twin brother (DIsmember, R.I.P.!), the occasional melodic solo and of course, song titles such as "Total Death", "Crawling Death", "Undead" that have been recycled so many times I've lost count. I LOVE this stuff, but Jesus Christ, where is the identity of Entrails?! "The Tomb Awaits" is the all-purpose mix-and-match old school Swedish death metal kit of interchangeable elements and while I admit to enjoying tracks like "Unspeakable Obscenities" and "Eaten By the Dead", the best comment regarding "The Tomb Awaits" comes from Lt. Frank Drebin in "The Naked Gun":

"Move along, nothing to see here!"