“The Voice of Human Perversity”

By Derelikt Waugh

This was a nasty surprise, to say the very least! In all honesty, I didn’t know a single thing about Enthrallment (only the little blurb the good Doc sent me with the email containing the promo for this ripping motherfucker of an album, which was fortunately enough to intrigue me). Enthrallment hails from Bulgaria (a place not particularly well known for ultra brutal death metal acts, last time I checked). They’ve been perfecting their morbid craft since 1996…and what a hellish cacophony they create! It’s a fairly unique blend of US and European styles that punishes with earth shattering technicality (without all the useless, self-indulgent wankery that usually accompanies death metal of this variety). Enthrallment are precise and to the point. If you’re in search of meandering keyboards and drawn-out melodic interludes, I’d advise you to listen to (insert name of band that does that kinda thing here).

Enthrallment’s style is slightly reminiscent of Horror of Horrors (who I happen to love the shit out of), in that everything is super tight and fast as fuck (especially the bass work), with the occasional atmospheric tempo change to ensure a total lack of redundancy. You absolutely will not get bored with this record, and that’s due in part to the outstanding production of a certain James Murphy (Cancer, Disincarnate, etc). Yes, this record sounds AWESOME (but that should be no surprise)! James Murphy fuckin’ rules and it’s great to see he’s still in action (although, I’d rather see a new Disincarnate album, but I digress). We’re here to discuss Enthrallment, not James Murphy, right? Right. Yes, this is a damn fine addition to any death metal ghoul’s collection. I definitely need to check out their past releases as well, but this album served as a killer introduction to their truly terrifying work. Great stuff!