“Baptised Into the Faith of Lust”

By Dr. Abner Mality

No matter what musical genre you’re talking about, there is something to be said for an approach that is pure and orthodox. That seems especially true for black metal but it’s hard to be “orthodox” without being dated or contrived. Entartung make the pure approach seem easy here.

This is traditional and orthodox black metal done in the absolutely correct way. This really brings you back to the glory days of the mid-90’s when the genre was still reinventing itself but not yet overexposed. There is plenty of dark atmosphere here and a combination of sorrow and evil that propels each song along. “Resurrectio Mortuorum” is an almost perfect black metal song….fast, melodic and extremely dark in feeling.  “Black Dog of God” is another excellent tune with the same characteristics sounding like a combination of Dissection and early Satyicon. The action is broken up by two somber piano-based track, “Agni Kravyard” and “Hymne a la Beaute”, which actually fit the bleak feeling. A slightly different tune is “Der Werwolf” ,which features snarled German vocals and has a harsher feel all around.

This is really good stuff. No electronics or industrial influence, no death metal or “necro” production, this is some of the purest black metal you’re going to hear in 2017. Certainly recommended for traditionalists.