"The Thing With Two Heads"

By Sgt Deth


Back with a vengeance and going strong since 1981, these dogs are back with a growl and a bite. Their first full length album, 'Invasion of the Porky Men', was released in 1984, and it is truly amazing how they have evolved since then. This is a very crisp and well produced album, especially for a punk band.

The CD starts out with “Turn Away From the Light”, which really brings me back to late 80’s /early 90’s thrash metal. Then again if you compare it to one of my old Apocalypse or Nuclear Assault vinyl LPs, the sound is top notch and blaringly metal. Let’s just say, the production is great.

Then on to track four, “Hate Song”. This is where I proclaim this is true punk metal. I could only imagine the mosh pit for this track when played live.  I won’t waste anymore of your time, this is a true gem for any metal fan. Even, if you don’t like punk metal, there is some great riffs to be heard all the way through on this spirited release. This CD is very original, full of talent and experience, and is METAL through and through.