"From Beyond"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The fourth album from these sturdy Swedes continues to deliver high quality heavy metal with speed and power. Enforcer is emerging as one of the most dependable acts in the 80's revival movement and "From Beyond" is an absolute stormer.

The last album "Death By Fire" was their fastest and most raging effort. "From Beyond" contains songs in that furious vein, but adds more variety and dials it back a bit elsewhere. At all times, the focus is on true metal like an updated NWOBHM sound injected with extra speed. "Destroyer" kicks the attack off with a screamer as fast and scorching as anything on "Death By Fire". Great guitar solos and high pitched clean vocals elevate this above just thrash. From there, "Undying Evil" is a more tempered but still pounding song reminding me of Wolf, who were actually the originators of this retro-speed metal style. Everything is precise and efficient, with no wasted time. There's a cool Iron Maiden style instrumental called "Hungry They Will Come",  a very moody epic "Below The Slumber" and a kind of grinding power rocker called "Hell Will Follow". Only on the very last song "Mask of Red Death" was I let down...this one just doesn't have the energy of the rest.

One of the biggest compliments you can pay any band is saying they are consistently good album in and album out. Enforcer is that kind of band. Speed metal lovers can go ape over "From Beyond".