"Infektion 1813"

By Dr. Abner Mality

In a scene that seems to be rapidly declining, Germany's Endstille keep marching forward. Hardly a year goes by without a new assault from these prolific stormtroopers and with seventh album "Infektion 1813", the band has made some significant changes in order to keep their forward trajectory.

Most significantly, they've pulled in a new vocalist, poaching Zingultus from Nagelfar and Graupel. His voice is decidedly throatier and meatier than the insane rasping shrieks we got from Endstille before and this does not hurt their accessibility at all. In fact, the whole band has gotten deeper and heavier. I think with last album "Verfuhrer", the band took blasting speed and harsh treble as far as they could go without losing structure. "Infektion 1813" is still a VERY fast and pounding album, but riffs are fatter and bass is increased. Marduk is a good comparison. The songs also have different parts instead of being non-stop attack and there are strange melodies to be found within "Bloody H"(The Hurt Gene) and "When Kathaaria Falls". "Wrecked" is a grinding, thrash-like war machine while "Anomie" and "Satanarchie" bring familiar black metal mayhem. But the biggest surprise is ending track "Endstille"(Volkerschlatter)...over ten minutes of droning, hypnotic Burzum-ish buzz. Something unheard of on past Endstille albums.

The band retains its fascination with German warfare ranging from Bismarck to Hitler, so no change there. Honestly, Endstille is one of the most reliable black metal bands in the world and "Infektion 1813" sees them retaining extremity while increasing accessibility. Not an easy thing to do!