"Ritual Ascencion Beyond Flesh"

By Dr. Abner Mality

The cover tells you everything you need to know about this record...a small group of medieval/ancient humans desperately battling an avalanche of skeletal corpses in the lurid light of what seems to be a burning church. It's an awesome image and it captures the feeling of hellish sickness that makes "Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh" one of the purest death metal records of the year, if not the new millenium.

Once again we have a band reaching back to the dim beginnings of the death metal genre for its inspiration. Like several other recent bands like Vasaeleth and Dead Congregation, Encoffination finds its muse in early Incantation and sickening sludge-doom like "Onward To Golgotha". Well, in this case, the student may surpass the teacher, because this record is just a pure sonic representation of horror....a plodding descent into the lowest levels of evil and decay. The oozing riffs are coated with the fluids of rotting death and the so-called vocals are a constant roaring from the abyss. Imcomprehensible to interpret literally but very easy to make out in terms of gruesome mood. Toss in drums like someone beating on the inside of a coffin lid and a few samples from old horror films and you have the soundtrack to a nightmare. Death metal that would have scene kids into Carnifex and Suicide Silence vomiting into the aisles.

A real triumph for Encoffination and one of the sickest releases of its kind. Do not miss this one, worshippers of disease!