By Dr. Abner Mality

Brrrr! This is some of the coldest, most desolate music I've heard in a while...and it has nothing to do with black metal. Emptiness is a band hailing from Belgium and "Error" is their second album, but the first I've had a chance to hear. Everything about this release radiates a sense of coldness. This is not "warm" sounding death metal like Obituary or Six Feet Under with fat, fuzzy and gooey guitar sound. It's hard to compare these guys to anybody off the top of my head, though Godflesh and Fear Factory come to mind. Not in terms of sound, but in terms of an almost industrial, dehumanizing oppression.

The guitar sound is freezing without being black metal and very little human remains here. Titles and I suspect lyrics are stripped down and bleak: "Deafer", "Worst", "Low", "Nothing". The vocals are processed and garbled, like a roar from the end of a wind tunnel. There are memorable riffs in both doomy and fast tempos, but Emptiness seems to focus more on overall atmosphere. I choose the cuts "It and I", "Dissolution" and "Low" as my picks.

It's hard to warm up to an album like this. Emptiness is indeed a fitting name for the band and they are to be respected for this harsh, uncompromising and unique effort. But don't expect to really "enjoy" it.