“Emanations From The Crypt”

By Dr. Abner Mality

It has taken a long time for this corpse to rise, but it’s up with a vengeance now. Embalmer has been coasting for almost 20 years on the cult reputation of their “There Was Blood Everywhere” debut as well as some scattered splits. So this long awaited follow-up had a lot to prove.

This is some of the foulest, filthiest and fastest death metal to come from America in a long time. If you hate any sort of studio tinkering or cleaning in your death metal, Embalmer is for you. This is the kind of maniacally raw and out of control horror that the scene cut its teeth on in the early 90’s. Embalmer have gone out of their way to ignore everything that’s happened in extreme music since 1995. The result is absolutely ferocious. This has a macabre and bestial atmosphere that mirrors the horde of flesh-eating ghouls on the cover. The songs are INSANELY fast, especially “They Can Smell Our Blood” and “Coroner’s Report”. But there are occasional bursts of gruesome  slower riffing to mix things up, too. The solos are simply angry squeals of noise. This is stripped to the bone!

Add in some super grumbly growls and Embalmer have served up a banquet of horror. Fans of Necrophagist and Rings of Saturn can fuck off. This is sheer untouched rage!