"The First EP 2015"

By Derelikt Waugh

Alright, for those of you who loved Breda area thrashers Magnetron (Dutch for "microwave"!), this is gonna be a bonified treat and hopefully a teaser for the awesomeness to come. Actually, this is just a ripper of an EP for anyone that loves quality thrash with a slightly progressive (but not so "progressive" that it bores a hole into yer brain, if ya know what I mean!) lean. So...why the moniker change? Well, essentially Magnetron personell thought the name was a bit too "goofy" for the more mature, darker subject matter they had been concocting and they had to give their old drummer the boot, more or less. So, the remaining members thought a name change was in order and they went with the Eliminati (an obvious combo of the "illimunati" and "eliminator"). Pretty cool, huh? Anyway, the main issue at hand is not the name change, it's the music itself. And this fucker tears, let me tell ya! Every song on this five song EP is an absolute gem and a must for fans of bands like Coroner and VoiVod's heavier, head-twisting stuff.

If you were even slightly into Magnetron, ya gotta give this free EP a spin or two. Trust me, you're gonna wanna play this one more than once! The riffs and rhythms are insanely heavy and fast-as-fuck, yet catchy and the vocals are totally demonic (but any Magnetron junkie would be expecting that, right?). The only negative thing I can say about this little bastard is that it is (ALAS!!) an EP as opposed to a full-length. But let's all keep our twisted didgits crossed and hope that this is merely foreshadowing and simply an introductory piece into the wild 'n' wicked world of The Eliminati! Personally, I'm beyond stoked to hear them punishing ears with thrash this good. You can now throw all of your "retro thrash" band CDs into the nearest waste receptacle and put this nasty rager of an EP on repeat. ALL SHALL BOW TO THE BLENDER BITCH!!