"Time to Die"

By Dark Starr

I am a big fan of Electric Wizard. You pretty much know what you are going to get with this band, but each album is a little different. So far, this is one of my favorites of theirs. Their blend of super heavy metal mixed with psychedelia and more might not be for everyone, but it sure works great for me. This one might even make my best of 2014 list. Yes, it really is that good. It’s very heavy, very trippy and also very cool.

The preponderance of references to drugs, suicide and Satanism can get a little overwhelming after a while, but this dreary, crushing and dragged out music seems to demand that subject matter. This is truly the music of negativity embodied. The best example of that would be the monolithic "I Am Nothing", which just flattens everything with thick, repetitive riffs and lots of scratchy, acidic guitar soloing. This song guarantees a bad trip! On the other hand, "Funeral of Your Mind" is more upbeat and rocking...still depressing, mind you, but not quite to the level of the other songs. Adding to the gloom are the whining vocals of Jus Oborn and some nice analog organ accompaniment which gives everything a "retro" feel.

Electric Wizard is not for everybody but if you've dug them in the past, "Time To Die" will be another fine addition to your collection.