"Second Paradise"

By Dark Starr

Sounds ranging from psychedelic rock to King Crimson, The Doors and even metal are mixed together on this set. Musically, it’s an exceptionally strong disc. These guys have an approach to music that is not common these days and they seem to be able to sound both "retro" and "modern" at the same time. The relationship between psychedelia and prog has always been a cozy one and Electric Soul explore it fully on tunes like "Amber Rose", "Vagabond Sighs" and "Animals". Names like King Crimson and early Pink Floyd come to mind when listening to these. There are also moments of pure classic rock and even metal in the vein of early Judas Priest and Iron Maiden in the mix. But the harder edged stuff often gives way to the more psychedelic elements of the Electric Soul sound. This mixture is definitely what qualifies the band as progressive rock.

 The vocals are the real issue here. They can be a bit hard to take at times, as they often seem to be trying too hard to harken back to that late 60's/early 70's sound. There are places where something more natural and less forced is called for. Still, the music makes it  well worth the effort.