"In Your Image"

By Lord Randall

We all hear about bands being put together in late night/early morning bars, answering the odd ad on the bulletin board at local music stores, but – for the most part – a rare occurrence is a band taking shape while its members-to-be attend music school.Often, these bands are uber-technical in style or, at the very least (Hello, DREAM 
THEATER. Missing Portnoy yet? You will.) “progressive” in outlook, and fail 
to craft the resulting musical wankfest into true “songs”.

Enter the exception. 
California’s EINVERA are a trio of the latter who could likely wipe the floor with 
their share of bands on the technical side of things, but choose to straddle that 
fine line between progression and regression that leaves "In Your Image" decidedly original. With more instruments being played in the album’s 33-minute playing time than a Sunset Strip bathhouse on a Saturday night, one would be remiss in wondering  if it wasn’t a case of Kitchen Sink Syndrome, a band tossing in the likes of the glockenspiel, trumpet and mandolin just to seem “quirky” or “out there”. Not so,EINVERA, the threesome sounding as comfortable out-TURISAS-ing TURISAS
 when it comes to the frantic, folk-fueled pace of opener ‘Static Ascension’ as they 
are with the “more Mexican than Ricardo Montalban” intro to ‘Let In Without
 A Name (Sea Of Trees)’. Factor in the likes of ‘Prismatic Distortion’, in which 
EINVERA channel BORKNAGAR and SOLEFALD (Think "Neonism"), and the 
proto-blackness of ‘A Mausoleum For The Living’, and what we might just have 
here is one of the most forward-thinking metal albums released in a year rife with stagnation.

Welcomed and vital.